Weighting For Warriors provides for the physical and mental well-being of warriors and their loved ones across the country and around the world. Weighting for Warriors creates fitness plans with a tangible mission that builds confidence and fosters a sense of achievement. We believe in the power of community; we ground our philosophy in the commitment to interconnect those who remain at home in solidarity with our country's warriors.

For Those Who Serve:

We want to help you no matter what stage of your military career you're in. Whether you want to stay in peak condition between training and deployment or you've recently returned from the front, Weighting For Warriors will have your six physically and mentally.

For Those Who Have Someone Currently Serving: 

Our programs are specially crafted for you to overcome physical challenges alongside your soldier. We know that the days can seem endless when your warrior is away, so while you wait we give you goals that will sustain you through times of separation. We also know the military lifestyle is not easy so even when your soldier is home, so we hope to help you be ready to overcome any obstacle.


For Patriotic Civilians:

You do not have to serve in the military or have a loved one in the military to join Weighting For Warriors. We honor you for all you do for our country in your own way. We are all one team.


Meet Samantha

Co-Founder and Lead Trainer

Samantha is a professional dancer, singer, and actress. She earned a BA in Theater Performance with a minor in dance from Wagner College. She has extensive experience in choreography and laban movement analysis. Samantha is a certified personal trainer through multiple programs and began her personal training journey at Equinox in New York City where she developed the skill and expertise needed to succeed in this career. Samantha currently has a nationwide client base through her online training programs. 


Samantha was inspired to create Weighting for Warriors by her personal hero. During his time in Ranger School, Will Parada (Co-Founder) exhibited the incomparable strength, courage, and dedication of a true Warrior. Now serving on the front lines with the Army, Will needs our support now more than ever. Samantha is passionate about providing loved ones of our military with the encouragement that they need during these challenging times. 

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