Meet Our Team

Will & Samantha


Will and Samantha met at LAX in the Spring of 2019 when Will was in his final year at West Point. They haven't looked back since. 

The couple quickly bonded over their love of fitness, and motivated each other even when they were on opposite sides of the country. Samantha and Will are not the kind of people to shy away from a challenge, and they wanted to find a way to help others in a similar situation.

Their goal for these programs is to give those with loved ones in the military a feeling of true achievement and the ability to relate to their warriors while helping them reach the strongest physical version of themselves. Weighting for Warriors strives to bridge the civilian-military divide, therefore we encourage civilian followers to join as well. We are all one team.


Head Trainer

Samantha is originally from Virginia, and attended college in NYC. Samantha has an extensive background in dance and her love for artistic movement transformed into a love for athletic movement.

Samantha is a certified personal trainer through NASM and a certified Kettlebell Instructor through ASFA. She is currently in the process of receiving her accreditation in precision nutrition and an additional personal training credit through NCSF. Samantha was a trainer at Equinox in New York City, and was inspired to create W4W for a more personal experience with her clients. Samantha knows from first hand experience what it's like to have someone you love be stationed far away, and felt compelled to provide a safe space for others who are fighting the battles at home. 

Samantha loves the Baltimore Ravens and claims she is a better boxer than Will. If she could adopt every dog currently in a shelter, she would.




Will is a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and is currently deployed with the 82nd Airborne. Originally from Spokane, WA, he traveled across the country to fulfill his dream of attending West Point. He has many happy memories from his time at West Point, but his favorite was being a member of the 10-time national champion WP Boxing Team.


Will completed Ranger School earlier this year, and has earned multiple honors as a member of the Army. He is certified through the army as a Master Fitness Trainer. He has trained with the armies in Britain and Germany and is stationed at Fort Bragg.

Will is passionate about pushing people to the next level, and helping them work through challenges both mentally and physically. He loves the Las Vegas Raiders and if he had his way, he'd be permanently on a San Diego beach with a taco in one hand and a Corona in the other. We hope to have him safely back home soon.


Pre-Natal Specialist & Trainer

Samantha initially discovered her passion for fitness when she lived in Los Angeles. She then put that passion into action when she started her Personal Training career at Equinox in New York City and became certified through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. ⠀


Sam met Samantha while they were training at Equinox and bonded over their love of the name Samantha, fitness, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Samantha expanded her expertise to Pre- and Postnatal training to keep women strong, healthy and safe during and after pregnancy. Recently becoming a new mother herself, she brings her talents and knowledge to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, creating programs for women and men locally and online.




Marketing Manager

Ashlyn is originally from California and graduated with honors from Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. She is a freelance writer, actor, and emerging 

dramaturg. Ashlyn runs the Weighting for Warriors Website and assists with social media.


While she doesn't have a loved one currently active in the military, she grew up listening to stories her grandfather told her about his time in the Navy. Her boyfriend also makes her watch a lot of war movies, so that counts for something right?

Ashlyn loves the New England Patriots, brunch, and reading. There are some days when she'd rather go to Jurassic Park than work out. But even if J. Park was real, running away from dinosaurs would still be cardio, so she figures working out at home is a safer bet.


Mascot/K9 Warrior

Dozer is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix who hasn't grown into his paws yet.


His pawrents are Samantha and Will, and he always gives motivational barks during sessions.

Dozer's favorite exercises are playing fetch, jumping with/on mom, and napping.