Why You Need to Do a Dynamic Warm-Up (With One of Our Favorite Warm-Ups!)

A dynamic warm up is more than a couple stretches or just jogging in place. By design, a dynamic warm up will increase your blood flow, increase flexibility, improve the mobility in your joints, and get your muscles stretched out for your workout.

Dynamic warm-ups focus on more than one muscle group at a time. A dynamic warm-up can last anywhere from 5- 15 minutes and generally builds from gentle exercises to an intense finish.

You should be doing a dynamic warm up before each work out to help prevent injury and get your body prepared for the workout. Depending on the exercises in the workout, your dynamic warm-up can also help you practice good form before you increase the intensity.

Before you begin your next workout, try our dynamic warm-up! You'll start sweating sooner, but you'll feel better after your workout!

W4W Dynamic Warm up

10 inchworm roll downs into high plank/stand up 10 right hip roll outs (bent moving leg)

10 left hip roll outs (bent moving leg)

10 marching high kicks each side (20 total)

20 air squats 20 high plank shoulder taps

Repeat 3 Times.

Let us know how you do!

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