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One-On-One Training
In Person, On Zoom, or Online

If you're sick of standardized programs that don't seem to work or if you have a loved one who's recently started training or deployment, working one-on-one with a trainer is a great place to begin.


Our Training Team can work with you individually in person (Fort Bragg/Raleigh Area ONLY) or over zoom. You can either work with a trainer individually or with a teammate. Weighting for Warriors also offers a six-week custom program if you would like a program tailored to your specific needs but don't have a schedule allowing set meeting times. 

We also offer two-on-one sessions if you'd like to exercise with a partner or Squad sessions if you'd like to work out in a group.

Group Zoom Classes

If you're motivated by your teammates, our Zoom classes are the way to go! Led by a certified trainer, our online classes get you sweating for an hour wherever you are. All you need is space to move: equipment is always optional. You can keep your camera turned off if you feel more comfortable that way, and can always turn the video on if you'd like the trainer to check your form. Grab your friends and get to work!

Online Programs

If you're self-motivated and looking for a new challenge, Weighting for Warriors has a program for you. We have options for multiple durations and intensities. All packages are listed below and can immediately be downloaded upon purchase. Click on a plan to learn more about it. If you're ready to begin your mission, pick what's best for you and start achieving your goals.